Einzelnachricht Meldungen

CommTECH Camp Highlight 2017 - ITS, Indonesien

Unsere Partnerhochschule bietet vom 12 – 25 Juli 2017 ein Kurzprogramm für internationale Studierende mit 2 Schwerpunkte an:

Sub Course A : Waste Sensitivity City

This course introduces participants to the concept of water sensitive city. The participants will learn on how cities in developing countries can have better chances towards more sustainable, resilient and livable conditions. Participants will be exposed to real water related problems and expected to solve a community based problem using science and technology through a multi-disciplinary approach.

Sub Course B : Smart City

This course introduces participants to the concept of smart city and how Surabaya evolves towards a smart city. Many aspects of smart city including urban planning, infrastructure, the use of ICT, transportation, environment and economic will be evaluated through an interactive teaching method and a lot of site visits. Participants will also get involved in discussions with community and government agencies to address a case study based on Surabaya’s condition.

Stipendien werden von der Partnerhochschule vergeben.