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Current information on Covid-19 by the German Academic Exchange Service

Please note, that the International Office can no longer offer personal consultation hours from now until April 20, 2020.
Of course we are still available by phone and e-mail!

University-wide regulations can be found here:

Useful information and FAQs are made available here:

Current information for incoming student can be found here:​​​​​​​

Welcome in the International Office of h_da

On the following pages you will find information about the services provided for you and the international involvement of Hochschule Darmstadt.

If you would like to spend an exchange semester at h_da, join our International Summer University (ISU),  International Winter University Programme (WUP) or Erasmus Week or require information on services provided for visiting academics please go to Join the h_da

If you are a student, professor or staff of h_da who would like to spend some time abroad please go to Go abroad.

You will find an overview of our tasks and strategy documents and information on how the tasks are distributed throughout h_da under International Office . It also includes a list of contacts with their area of responsibility, information on our international guesthouse, and how to find us.

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