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European University of Technology

Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences (h_da) is a member of the European University of Technology (EUt+) network, which got to the start in 2020 with seven European universities as part of the European Universities Initiative.

The aim of the Europe-wide initiative with a total of 41 participating universities is to grow closer together as higher education institutions in order to develop a networked and inclusive "European University" on different campuses all over the continent. Students, teachers and staff should thus be able to learn from one another and move more freely between campuses.

The EUt+ alliance consists of eight universities with a focus on technological subjects (however, numerous other subject areas are also represented). The common declared goal is a multi-faceted understanding of technology with its central role in solving global societal problems. The human being and his or her environment should always be taken into consideration. The motto is therefore "Think Human first".

Some of the EUt+ goals

  • diverse exchange opportunities between the eight campuses for students, staff and teachers
  • facilitated mutual recognition of academic achievements
  • a joint interdisciplinary European laboratory (ECT+Lab) for students and researchers
  • a German-French graduate school
  • joint study programmes and degrees (European Master of Engineering)
  • and much more

More information on EUt+

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