Partner Universities

Hochschule Darmstadt maintains a number of partnerships with universities worldwide. But what does that really mean?

Partner universities of h_da are foreign universities with which a cooperation agreement has been signed. These cooperation agreements are the foundation for further collaboration and define the rights and duties of both sides. They can be signed for the whole university or on department or degree level depending on the nature of the agreement and the planned activities.

The content of an agreement can be multifaceted. Examples are:

  • Exchange of students, lecturers, non-academic staff, researchers, and young academics but also of experience, literature, publications and so on
  • Agreement on tuition waivers and scholarships
  • Credit transfer
  • Joint publications
  • Development and implementation of joint study programmes, degrees, and events (lectures, conferences, etc.)
  • Collaboration on a certain project, institutional development, university administration, research or teaching

There are many possibilities to go abroad

We are currently updating our mobility database. In the meantime, please see the right side for a list of partners. Please refer to the list of partner universities available for your department.


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Partner Universities

In our database you will find all partner universities of h_da.