We help you handle paperwork

At the start of your semester(s) abroad you have to deal with some paperwork. It simply will not work without it. However, you do not have to handle it on your own. During the first days of the orientation program h_da we will take care of the following matters:

Enrollment at h_da

Enrollment as an exchange student at h_da will take place during the first week of our orientation program. The Student Service Center (SSC) is responsible for enrolling you. There will be a group appointment for all exchange students.

You need to bring the following documents:

  • Your passport or national ID
  • A valid tenancy agreement in Germany
  • Proof of a health insurance
  • Receipt for payment of social fees.

Our student tutors will support you and hand out other documents needed for enrollment. If you arrive at the announced time you will receive your enrollment documents and your student ID that same day.

Opening a bank account

In Germany many money transfers are cashless, i.e. you transfer money to pay for an invoice or to pay your rent. Consequently, you need an account with a German banking institution during your stay at h_da. There will be a group appointment during the orientation program.

You may open a bank account with any German bank. Please inquire about possible account maintenance charges before opening an account.  

Important for Non-European students: Sparkasse Darmstadt is the only banking institute that is offering a blocked account. This kind of account is necessary for obtaining/extending your student visa.

Sparkasse Darmstadt
Rheinstraße 10-12
64283 Darmstadt
Tel: +49.6151.2816-0

Recommended private insurances

Beside a statutory health insurance we strongly recommend to take out the following insurances for your stay in Germany:

  • Private liability insurance
  • Private accident insurance

The German Academic Exchange Service (“Deutscher Akademische Austauschdienst” – DAAD) offers a combined group insurance which you can take out at your own expense. Please contact the DAAD directly for further questions.

Compulsory registration for exchange students in Germany

Every person living in Germany (even if she/he is living in Germany for a limited amount of time) has to register officially. As soon as you have signed your tenancy agreement and moved into your room/flat you have to register with the Residents’ Registration Office.

The group appointment for registration at the Residents‘ Registration Office in Darmstadt is part of the orientation program. Students who do not live in Darmstadt have to register at their respective place of residence. Your tutor will assist you in doing so. After the appointment at the Residents’ Registration Office, Non-EU-citizens will receive a letter with an appointment at the Foreigners’ Registration Office. As soon as you have received this letter you need to inform your student tutor as she/he will fill in the paperwork with you and accompany you to the appointment. Only EU-citizens are not required to go to the Foreigners‘ Registration Office.    

Registration with the Foreigners‘ Registration Office

The letter you will receive from the Foreigners’ Registration Office describes in detail which documents you need to bring to the appointment. The following list is only meant as point of reference because the requirements are subject to change:

  • 2 biometrical photos
  • Passport
  • Student ID and enrollment documents
  • Tenancy agreement
  • Health insurance policy
  • Proof of blocked account

Students who are not citizens of an EU member state have to show proof of finance. This is usually done via a blocked account. The blocked account needs to exist before your appointment with the Foreigners’ Registration Office. You have to collect a form for the blocked account at the Foreigners’ Registration Office and then hand it in at Deutsche Bank where you have opened a regular account during the orientation program. Establishing a blocked account costs €50. The bank will fill in the form and you need to bring this form to your appointment with the Foreigners‘ Registration Office.   

Ausländerbehörde Darmstadt
Grafenstraße 30, (Zimmer 104-111)

Ausländerbehörde Dieburg
Landratsamt Darmstadt-Dieburg
Albinistraße 23, 64807 Dieburg