In 1997 Darmstadt was the first German city to obtain the name “City of Science”. This was due to the achievements of the three universities as well as a great number of different research institutions and institutes. Particularly in the area of chemistry there have been many accomplishments so that Darmstadt is the only Germany city that is name giver to a chemical element (110 – Darmstadtium). This synthetic element was developed in 1994 at the GSI Helmholtz Centre for Heavy Ion Research.

Moreover, many global players are located in Darmstadt, e.g. the European Space Operation Centre (ESOC) that is the mission control centre for most space projects of the European Space Agency (ESA). Well-known companies, such as Merck, Evonik Röhm GmbH, Schenck, Goldwell/KPSS, and Software AG are also based in Darmstadt.      

Shopping enthusiasts get their money’s worth as well! Either you stroll through the city centre with its pedestrian area or you take the bus to Weiterstadt to the shopping centre Loop5.  There you can do your entire shopping in the mall.

Darmstadt is a very lively and loveable city. It is not only famous as a city of science but offers also many restaurants and sights as well as cultural and social events, e.g. Heinerfest. Schlossgrabenfest, and other district festivals with live music. „Jugendstil“ or „Art Noveau“ was an art-historical period that was very defining for Darmstadt. You will find several art noveau buildings throughout the city. The most known and important sight is certainly Mathildenhöhe with its “Hochzeitsturm” (wedding tower), the buildings of the museum, the Russian chapel, and the artists’ colony.