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DAAD Price Award Ceremony

On Jan. 11, 2023, the DAAD Prize 2022 for international students was awarded at the h_da. Kristina Mitskevitch, student at the Department of Media, is the winner of the award, which recognizes above-average academic achievements and remarkable social commitment.

The DAAD Prize is awarded once a year to an international student. It is made possible by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) and comes with prize money of 1,000€. The aim is to give faces to the many international students at German universities. The candidates are nominated by professors, provided they meet the criteria.

The many outstanding nominations received by the 2022 Selection Committee demonstrate in an impressive way the important contribution international students make to our university and our society.

Due to the great nominations, the International Office has decided to award two additional prizes for the first time, each worth 250€. The 2022 International Office Prizes for outstanding achievements of international students went to Mohamed Hesham Amer, student at the Department of Media and Hasareh Moradi, student at the Department of Chemistry and Biotechnology.

All nominated students as well as all professors who nominated them were invited to the award ceremony, which was organized by the International Office and took place at Café Glaskasten. Prof. Dr. Arndt Steinmetz, President of the h_da, gave the welcoming speech and presented the DAAD Prize to Kristina Mitskevitch.

Mr. Amer receives his price by Annabelle Bijelic

Ms Moradi receives her price by Annabelle Bijelic

DAAD price winner Ms Mitskevich (right)