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h_da International Student Podcast

Episode 1: Lockdown things, dosenpfand (can deposit) and Whatsapp messages from professors

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What’s it like to come to Darmstadt as an exchange student for a semester and then be hit by a pandemic, far away from your home country? What’s it like when you’re doing an internship but you can‘t finish it due to the lockdown?  

Listen to what Guillermo (FB EIT) and Sebastián (FB Wirtschaft/Business), two international students from Paraguay, and Camila (FB Media), an international student from Colombia, have to say about their experience in Germany.

Also: Find out what they think about German “dosenpfand“ (deposit for cans) and whether or not professors and lecturers reply to Whatsapp texts from students in Paraguay. We also have a German word of the day for you. Spoiler: the word is not pandemic-related! ;)

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More episodes coming soon!

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