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UAL Sommer school 2022 in Andalusia

Spend your Summer at UAL!

The University of Alméria is a puplic higher education and research university ranked in the top 40 nationally, and top 1000 worldwide. Alméria, a port city of self- governing region Andalusia, is worth a trip. The cityscape is reminiscent of north african cities with its narrow streets and old buildings. The Campus of UAL is facing the sea.
The academic offer for the study abroad summer school are Economics, Humanities, Agriculture, Sociology, Physics, Literature, etc. There are courses about sustainable protected horticulture, international business, Spanish language and culture but also kayaking, Stand Up Paddling and Dragonboat and so on.

When? 4th to 29th July 2022 (1-4 week courses)
Where? Campus UAL Almeria, Anadlusia, Spain


Language? Cources are taught in English or Spanish, they can be awarded for up to 10.6 ECTS
Fee? Depends on the course, but includes Accomodation, meals, activities, internet access, insurance etc.
Registration? Google Formulare: Anmelden
Deadline? 20th May 2022
Scholarship? Hochschulzuschuss