Our guests

In the past semesters, we had the honor of welcoming visiting academics from the following countries (among others):

  • Prof. Wendy Brooke, USA: Faculty of Business, Lecture: Supply Chain Management
  • Muhammad Bilal, Pakistan: Faculty of Social sciences/ SuK Begleitstudium: Lecture: Issues in the Rural Development of Low-Income Countries
  • Udaya Raj Dhungana, Nepal: Faculty of Computer Science: Seminar: Introduction to Artificial Intelligence
  • Prof. Dr. Kirill Svyatov, Russian Federation, Faculty of Computer Science: Introduction to Machine Learning
  • Nelson Gyasi-Boadu, Ghana: Faculty of Social Work: Child Labor and Child Migration
  • Prof. Minako Ikeda, Japan: Faculty of Design: Project work: Disaster (Relief) Design + exhibition in Darmstadt

The guest lectures were funded by the programmes of the Welcome Center, which intend to support the interrnationalisation@home.


"The academic atmosphere at h_da is free and positive, which encourages efficient communication and cooperation between the teachers and the students. I had a wonderful time as a guest lecturer."

(Chinese guest lecturer)

"I am very satisfied with the class. The students are great, it's been a really nice experience... And my advice to prospective guests: Come with an open mind!"

(US-American guest lecturer)

"It was a great time at h_da I experienced as a guest faculty at the Department of Computer Sciences. I found people at h_da very helpful and nice. I learned lots of new things with them. So I recommend to come and join h_da in staff mobility to explore new experiences and learn with h_da."

(Nepalese guest lecturer)