1. Looking for an (Erasmus) internship

Unfortunately, h_da does not arrange any internships/placements for students from abroad. This means hat you will have to look for an internship/placement at h_da on your own. An overview of h_da’s departments can be found on the h_da-website

The websites of the departments list our professors and lecturers and their research areas. If you think a professor or lecturer may be a suitable supervisor for your internship, please write them an email.

Ideally, your email covers the following aspects:

  • a short presentation (your name, the name of your home university)
  • a short description of what you’re looking for in an internship (what seems interesting to you about the prjects/research topics of this professor or lecturer? Where do your studies, your skills and experiences fit in here? In what way would you be beneficial for the project?)
  •  please attach a CV/resumé and a current list of the classes you took and the grades you received so far as well as other relevant documents  

Please pay attention to the following aspects:

  • If your email is in German, make sure to use the formal “Sie“ (instead of “Du“, which is rather informal). Call the professor or lecturer by their last name rather than by their given name(s)
  • Make sure your email isn’t too long (there is no need to give a detailed account of all the phases of your life)


2. Procedure & documents

BEFORE your arrival in Darmstadt/Dieburg:

In case the professor or lecturer may offer you an internship, please ask them to issue an internship approval document for you. This is particlularly important if you have applie for an Erasmus internship (SMP) grant at your home university.



Discuss the contract details with your supervisor (duration of your internship, weekly work hours, what will be your resposibilities, what documents do you need to submit for the contract?).


If you need a visa to enter Germany, please contact the local consulate or embassy in your home country as soon as possible. Please note that it may take a long time for your visa tob e granted, so you start as early as possible. To apply for a visa, you need an internship confirmation from your h_da supervisor.


If you receive an Erasmus grant for your internship, please turn to the International Office of your home university and make sure you sign the Erasmus documents. 


In order to find a room or an apartment, the website may be of help (h_da ist not liable for any of the room and apartment offers posted on this website).


In some cases, for instance if your internship starts in March, April, September or October, it may make sense to enroll as an exchange student at h_da (this is just a formality). Even though you need to pay about 220 Euros for this, the student status you will receive will give you many advantages:


  • You’ll be allowed to use almost any busses, trams and local trains in Darmstadt, Dieburg, Frankfurt, Wiesbaden, Marburg, Mainz for free (as well as in many other cities in the Southern part of Hessen) for the entire semester (March through end of August, or September through end of February) (You can save a lot of money this way).
  • Student discounts for many leisure-time activities (z.B. in theaters, movie theaters and other events)
  • You can take part in our Welcome & Orientation Program for exchange students, during which we will help you with administrative things (your visa, registering as a resident in Darmstadt etc.). What’s more, there will be German classes as well as day trips within Darmstadt and the Rhein-Main region and fun activities in September in March. You’ll also get the chance to meet our other exchange students.   
  •  Right to apply for a room in the student residence halls

Students officially enrolled at h_da may apply for a room in one of the many student residence halls run by Studierenenwerk Darmstadt. You’ll find more details here.

If you’re intereted in enrolling as an exchange student in addition to doing your internship at h_da, please write an email to


The easiest way to reach Darmstadt/Dieburg is by plane to Frankfurt (am Main) Airport. The airport is about 30 minutes away from Darmstadt/Dieburg.


DURING your stay in Darmstadt/Dieburg:

Having your address registered

If your internship is longer than 90 days you’re required to register as a resident of Germany with the city of Darmstadt, or the city of Dieburg, respectively. More details can be found here (for Darmstadt), or here (for Dieburg). You can translate these websites using


FINISHING UP your internship:

Please ask your supervisor to issue an internship confirmation / proof that you completed the internship with them.


Before leaving Darmtadt/Dieburg, please deregister as a resident of Darmstadt/Dieburg with the city.


If you were enrolled as an exchange student at h_da, please deregister from h_da. We’ll send you an email with more details. There will also be an End-of-semester session for exchange students.


In order to have your internship counted towards your degree, please turn to your home university.