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Fun Bahasa Indonesia and Culture Course (FBICC)

Want to get to know Indonesian culture from home? Our partner University ITS in Indonesia is offering a short program about basic Indonesian Language, daily conversation, Indonesian cultural diversity and history, Indonesian traditional dance, and a virtual city tour using the 360 Camera.


The program will start in the first week of February through April 2022 and is free of charge.

The course consists of 12 meetings including program opening and closing, weekly meetings, cultural exchange, virtual tours, and final test. 

It will combine practical learning of Indonesian as a Foreign Language and fun activities. 

The course will be conducted virtually using Zoom Application once a week.


You may choose one preferred course from the following option:

- FBICC for General Purposes: Let’s Get to Know Indonesia

- FBICC for Business: A Business Trip to A Land of Opportunities

- FBICC for Travel: Exploring the Exotic Indonesia

- FBICC for University Life: Experiencing University Life in Indonesia


Click here for an overview of the program: https://www.its.ac.id/international/experiencing-its/prospective-student/short-program/learning-bahasa-indonesia/fbicc/

Click here for registration: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSesHD4N-oMk32Tzrk-PsoCfeqZpfGztRi3Y5wNgPzJviC1M_w/viewform

The REGISTRATION DEADLINE is on 26 January 2022.