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International Office der h_da

Welcome to the International Office of Hochschule Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences!

We at the International Office at h_da

  • help you plan a stay abroad (study, internship, teaching and research opportunities)
  • help students and staff from abroad who want to study, teach or work at h_da
  • manage international programs such as Erasmus+
  • are in close contact with our partner universities worldwide
  • facilitate international activities at h_da (internationalization@home)

We take part in the Erasmus program with partner universities both in Europe (Erasmus KA 131) and overseas (Erasmus KA 171). Along with eight other European universities, we are part of the European University of Technology, in short: EUt+.
In addition to that we provide funding for our students and staff, for (exchange) students from abraod and for teaching staff aiming to internationalize their classrooms. We also offer support in the acquisition of funding.

Studying abroad: How to get started

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The study-abroad reports by our students and testimonials given by our professors, lecturers and staff may inspire you to plan a stay abroad of your own!

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Online-Wanderlust Day (Englisch)

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