Summer Schools

At Partner Universities

Some of our partner universities offer short programs with different subject orientations during the summer months. A participation fee must be paid for the courses, but in some cases full or partial scholarships are offered for h_da students by the partner universities. You also have the opportunity to apply for our university grant.

As soon as we are notified of summer schools from our partner universities, you will find the information on this website.

If you would like to apply for one of the offered programs, please register in our MoveON-Portal as a first step and send the registration PDF to us via E-Mail. 

VIA University College

Short terms exchange programmes- Study Abroad experience in just five weeks!
When? Courses are offered 2-4 times per year starting this August.

Course Offer:
1.    Professional Teamwork, Sustainability and Digital Tool Workshop
2.    Product Development and Design of Mechanical Equipment
3.    Market Research and Product Development
4.    Humanity Centred Design Workshop

Fee? No tuition fee
Credits? 10
Language? English

More Information?
You can apply for our university grant even though the courses last up to 6 weeks.


CommTECH Nusantra 2024

ITS Surabaya offers 2024 a short term program CommTECH Nusantra:

"This year, through CommTECH Nusantara, ITS aims to introduce the living harmony of the society which consists of multi-religious, ethnics, and cultural backgrounds. Java as the most developed province in Indonesia with more than 145 million people is well-known as the most heterogenous community in Indonesia. Various cultural and religious tradition are practiced by Javanese people in a harmony life. Therefore, this CommTECH Nusantara invites all participants to discover what makes them harmony in a such multi-diverse community."

Period: August/September (tbc)
Fee: 650 USD (inkl. Aiport PickUp, accomodation, food, Trips, Material) - tbc for 2024
For 2024, ITS offers two scholarships, which cover the fee of the summer school.

Details here


At our partner university Anáhuac Querétaro the program "Approaching Latin America" will be offered in summer 2024. 

When? 01 July - 26 July 2024

Cost: 4,000 USD (includes 2 academic courses, accommodation + breakfast, weekend trips and cooking classes).



Other Summer Schools

Non-partner universities and other organizations also offer summer schools that are open to all students. Sometimes these summer schools are also linked to a scholarship (like the Fulbright Summer Institutes). Please refer to the website of the respective summer school for application requirements and costs or scholarship opportunities.