There is the possibility of studying abroad at a non-partner university. A self-organised study visit is therefore an alternative if the country, region or university of your choice is not among the partner universities.

In international usage these students are called, for example, "Freemover" or "Study Abroad Students". In contrast, "Exchange Students" are students who spend time abroad within an exchange agreement and do not have to pay tuition fees at the partner university.

You can get academic achievements, which you have aquired at the host university during your stay abroad, recognized for your h_da studies. However, a timely consultation with your faculty before your stay abroad is required. Also, it is important to register your stay on MoveON and inform us by email after completing the registration (for stays within Europe: or for stays in overseas:

  1. Step (approx. 9-12 months before): Think carefully about where you want to study and decide whether you want to apply through an agency such as College Contact or GOstralia! or whether you want to organize your stay without any help. You should also find out more about financing possibilities such as BAföG, PROMOS or HAW.International. Also consider which courses at the university of your choice can be recognised at the h_da.
  2. Step (approx. 9 months in advance): If you have decided to go through an agency, they will provide you with all the necessary information about the application process at the desired university, costs, deadlines, etc. If you are not applying through an agency, please contact the International Office of the respective host university or research the website of the desired university for programs for "Study Abroad Students", "Visiting Students" or "Freemover". There you will also find detailed information. Especially in the Erasmus+ area you should directly contact the International Office of the university of your choice inquire whether freemovers can be accepted.
  3. Step (approx. 6 months in advance): Apply at the respective university and at the same time for scholarships and Auslands-BAföG. Think more carefully about which courses abroad can be recognized at the h_da and prepare the arrangement with the department. Record the arrangement with the department in a Learning Agreement.
  4. Step (approx. 3-4 months before): As soon as you have received confirmation from the university of your choice, prepare the visa application (if necessary) and take care of issues such as health insurance, accommodation, flights, etc.

For non-partner universities you can also contact the following placement agencies in Germany, which are free of charge for students:

Outgoings are strongly recommended to register on the website of the Federal Foreign Office ("Elektronische Erfassung von Deutschen im Ausland (ELEFAND)") for all trips, and especially for trips to regions with a critical security situation.


If necessary, you can finance tuition fees with Auslands-BAföG. The office will reimburse up to 4600 EUR in case of an approval. Even if you do not receive Inlands- BAföG, you can still apply for Auslands- BAföG. The fees do not have to be refunded.


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Online-Registration/ Application

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Online language courses

The h_da Language Centre offers free self-study language courses in 24 languages (incl. German) via Rosetta Stone. Detailed info is available at their website (in German).