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You can attend h_da for a couple of weeks, months or years:

full study program

Do a full bachelor's or master's program at h_da and obtain a degree from h_da.


Attend h_da for 1 or 2 semesters and obtain between 30 and 60 credits that can be counted towards your degree.

International Summer University

Take part in our 3- to 4-weeks long summer university.

Winter University Program

Take part in our 3- to 4-weeks long winter university.


Do an (Erasmus) internship at one of the 12 h_da departments.

Online studies

Take part in an online project. 


Incoming exchange students:

Marina Zielke (she/her) &
Ronja Schneider (she/her)

Incoming exchange students advisors
Office: C23, 02.10

Short-term programs:

Jessica Mayer (she/her)
Short-term programs
Office: C23, 02.09

International degree-seeking students (full study program at h_da):

Louisa Frenzel (she/her)
International students (full study programs)
Buddy Program
Office: C23, 02.09

Full study program at h_da: Application, admission and enrollment