University Grant for Short Stays Abroad

The „Hochschulzuschuss“, a grant from Hochschule Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences, supports short stays abroad (summer and winter schools as well as language courses) of h_da students. The scholarships are awarded on a first-come-first-served basis with consideration of the quality of the application. The prerequisites listed below must be strictly observed.

Important: You may only apply for the scholarship if you have successfully applied for the respective program beforehand. 

Please note that we do not support purely subject-based programs with the university grant (see requirements). 


  • Summer/winter school: participation in 2-4 week programs at partner/non-partner universities/external organizations. The program must either have an academic focus with accompanying social-cultural program or focus on acquiring intercultural competencies/cultural studies.
  • Language courses: Participation in 2-4-week language courses of at least 25 hours per week. 
  • application at least 4 weeks before the start of the program
  • complete application (see application process)

Application process

  1. Register your planned stay via MoveON (form "Short stay"). Send the PDF to Otherwise you won't be able to complete step 2. 
  2. Subsequently, apply with the form "University Grant for Internships and Short Stays" and submit the following documents online as well:
    • Letter of motivation (1-2 pages)
    • Current enrollment certificate
    • Grade table (printout from departmental grading system)
    • Confirmation from the provider with exact details on duration, scope and content
  3. Inform us via that you completed the application. 

Only completed and duly submitted applications will be considered.

Please note:

  • there is a number of scholarships available each year
  • Only stays that do not follow or precede a previous stay abroad in the same country can be funded
  • Summer and winter schools must always have a socio-cultural component. The technical component is optional.
  • No programs exceeding a duration of 4 weeks will be funded. Pro rata funding is not possible. 
  • The program prerequisites mentioned above must be met; otherwise, we cannot support the stay. We kindly ask to refrain from requesting exceptions
  • Participants in the DAAD GoEast and Fulbright programs are excluded from funding. It is possible to apply for a scholarship via the respective program.
  • Outgoers are strongly recommended to register on the website of the Federal Foreign Office for all trips, and especially for trips to regions with a critical security situation ("Elektronische Erfassung von Deutschen im Ausland (ELEFAND)")
  • If the Federal Foreign Office has issued a travel warning for the country or region in question, the university cannot conclude/issue a scholarship agreement/scholarship confirmation.