There are various internship programmes and placement agencies for the overseas region.

In addition, some partner universities have so-called "Internship/Lab Exchange" programmes. You can apply for these via the h_da International Office. A registration on MoveON and nomination by the department is required. Programmes are available at the following partner universities:

For internships in Taiwan, there is also the Taiwan Experience Education Program (TEEP). Through TEEP, internships can be found in various fields at Taiwanese universities.

In most cases, a fee is charged for admission to the programmes.


If you are interested in writing a thesis at a partner university, you need to show initiative. You can proceed as stated below:

  1. Search our database to find out which partner universities and departments/colleges are of interest to you. Please also consult the department.
  2. Write an exposé in English (1-2 pages) in which you
    1. Name the department/college of the partner university where you would like to write the thesis
    2. Describe your research project in detail and provide information on the timing and content of the project,
    3. Explain your motivation and express your expectations.
    4. Ideally, you can also name a person from the partner university who, in your opinion, is particularly well suited to supervise the work from a professional perspective.
    5. You should also send a CV and pay attention to country-specific characteristics.