Language Courses

Languages are best learned where they are spoken: in the respective country. By taking a language course abroad, you can not only improve your language skills, but also get to know the country, its people and culture. Of course, you can also take a language course as preparation for a study or internship abroad. Under certain conditions, we can support language courses with a university grant.

Find Language Courses

The search for language courses is done on your own initiative. Occasionally we receive concrete offers from partner universities, which we then inform about on these pages. It is also worth taking a look at the summer and winter school offers, as some of these programs also include language courses.

Valuable tips and advice for finding suitable language courses can be found on the DAAD website. In addition, you can find quality-checked language courses at language schools worldwide via the “Datenbank des Fachverbands deutscher Sprachreiseanbieter”.