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Moving offices now finished

The International Office has moved its offices in Darmstadt to the 2nd floor of the new "Studierendenhaus" / Student house in Schöfferstraße 3 (C23).


Annabelle Bijelić
Office: C23, 02.05

Campus Darmstadt
Erasmus+ stays abroad
Britta Bruder

Office: C23, 02.08

Miriam Eckers

Building F01, room 110 (Campus Dieburg)

Lisa Eppers
Office: C23, 02.06

Available: Mo, Wed, Thu

Friederike Luther
Office: C23, 02.08

Jessica Mayer

Office: C23, 02.09

Stefanie Reinhard
Office: C23, 02.11

Ina Schnakenberg
Overseas stays abroad

Office: C23, 02.07

Ronja Schneider

Office: C23, 02.10

Sabine Schultz
Office: C23, 02.06

Marina Zielke

Office: C23, 02.10

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