Grüne Nordlichter über Lappland

Erasmus+ practice stays in Europe

The Erasmus+ programme of the European Union serves, among other things, to promote student mobility and European cooperation.

Spend time abroad in Europe with Erasmus+: get to know a country from a completely different angle, experience its culture first-hand and make new friends.

An internship abroad promises several exciting experiences at once. You gain experience in your desired job and you learn to prove yourself in a professional work environment. By doing an internship in another country, you can change your perspective and get to know your future career field from a point of view that you may not have considered before.

In addition, you have the opportunity to get to know another European country and its people and to immerse yourself in a different culture. By doing an internship abroad, you prove that you are open to new and unknown things and are ready to take on extraordinary challenges.

Within the Erasmus+ programme, a Learning Agreement (Erasmus+ Internship Agreement) must be concluded. This guarantees the promised internship activities and thus ensures the quality of your internship.

For many, the Erasmus+ internship is an exciting and thrilling time, if not the best time of their entire studies. You can find out how to apply, what you need to bear in mind when applying for funding and exactly what the funding looks like on the according pages.

The Erasmus+ Programme Countries are:

  • the 27 Member States of the European Union 
  • and the following countries outside the EU: Iceland, Liechtenstein, Northern Macedonia, Norway, Serbia, Turkey

Switzerland and the United Kingdom do not participate in the Erasmus+ programme. For funding opportunities for internships in Switzerland and the UK please visit the according pages -  HAW.International and University grand ("Hochschulzuschuss")

You can participate in the Erasmus+ programme for a total of 12 months per study cycle (Bachelor's, Master's) or 24 months for diploma programmes. Within this time, you can complete as many


General conditions of participation and eligibility for an Erasmus+ internship

  • You are enrolled in a degree programme at h_da leading to a university degree, regardless of your nationality. Students studying at the h_da as part of an exchange programme (incoming exchange students) are excluded from participation in the Erasmus+ programme.
  • Erasmus internships are possible from the 1st semester onwards (Bachelor, Diplom, Master).
  • You have sufficient knowledge of the working language of the host institution.
  • The internship abroad is part of or in addition to your studies and is full-time.
  • Minimum duration: 2 months
  • Maximum duration: 12 months (360 days)
  • The time you can participate in the Erasmus+ programme is not yet exhausted, i.e. you have not yet reached the maximum participation period of 12 months (24 months for diploma) in the current study phase. 
  • If you receive Erasmus+ funding, you cannot receive additional funding through other DAAD programmes (e.g. PROMOS, HAW.International). A combination with scholarships from foundations must be clarified on a case-by-case basis.
  • All required Erasmus+ documents before, during and after the period abroad must be submitted completely. 
  • You can also receive Erasmus+ funding for paid and unpaid internships.

National Agency DAAD

Detailed information and support regarding the Erasmus+ mobility actions are provided by the

German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD)
National Agency for EU university cooperation
Kennedyallee 50
53115 Bonn