The entrance of the C10 building and part of the façade in the evening light

Short visit

You would like to attend h_da for a short visit? This website will give you an overview of our program for you as well as practical details on how to reach Darmstadt and the h_da campuses and how to find your way around our campuses in Darmstadt and Dieburg!

1. Possible program in Darmstadt & Dieburg

We may offer you:

Campus tour

h_da has 12 departments spread over four campuses, three of which are located in Darmstadt; one is located in Dieburg. We are happy to give you a tour of our campuses and other parts of h_da (departments, laboratories etc.) you may be interested in.

Academic contacts

The International Office is the link between higher education and internationality and we have a great relationship with our professors and lecturers. We are happy to set you up with our academic and non-academic staff members.


Other activities

Depending on our availability, we may be able to offer additional activities for you (and your delegation) such as:

We are happy to welcome you and your delegation in Darmstadt/Dieburg and show you around our campuses!

2. How to find us

Darmstadt is only about 30 minutes away from Frankfurt/Main International Airport (FRA).

You have the option of taking the shuttle bus ("Airliner") from Frankfurt/Main Airport directly to the central train station in Darmstadt ("Darmstadt Hauptbahnhof"). You can search for connections via the pages of the Rhein-Main-Verkehrsverbund (RMV).

There is an Airliner stop at both Terminal 1 and Terminal 2.
Arrival at Terminal 1

  •  The baggage claim is located in the arrivals area in the basement.
  •  The stop for the Airliner is on street level, arrivals area B, gate 14 on the other side of the street.

Arrival in Terminal 2

  •   The baggage claim is located in the arrivals area.
  •   The stop for the airliner is on street level, arrivals area D+E directly in front of the door.

Important to note! The bus ticket/ticket can only be bought directly from the bus driver and must be paid in cash. Costs approx. 9 euros.

The regional airport Frankfurt-Hahn is about 120 km away from Darmstadt.
There is no direct bus connection to Darmstadt. It is possible to take the bus to Frankfurt train station or Frankfurt/Main International Airport and change there.


Its very central location makes Darmstadt easily accessible. If you travel to Darmstadt by train, please get off at Darmstadt Hauptbahnhof (abbreviated HBF), Darmstadt's central train station. During peak hours the train from Frankfurt Hbf to Darmstadt runs at least every 30 mins. The schedule is available from the Deutsche Bahn.

Important: Please make sure to purchase a ticket online or at a ticket office/machine before boarding the train.


After getting off the train please follow the signs pointing you to the busses and trams.

Take the H Bus (in the direction of "Anne-Frank-Straße“; price category 1) and get off at the second stop, called "Hochschule“.

The university buildings are located on both sides of Berliner Allee, the main street you're standing on once you got off the bus. In order to reach the International Office (Studierendenhaus building, C23), please cross the street and walk to the right until you reach a red building, number 36. Once you've passed this building, turn left and take the footpath to the h_da main campus. Cross the parking area and go in the direction of the white building straight ahead of you (C12 building, part of the Department of Mechanical and Plasctics Engineering). Keep walking straight ahead (and pass the building either on your right-hand or left-hand side) until you reach Schöfferstraße street. Turn left and walk down the street to Schöfferstraße 3: we are located right next to the high-rise building (C10). You will find us on the second floor.

Please go to the Rhein-Main-Verkehrsverbund for local bus, trams, and train schedules.

The "Studierendenhaus" (C23 building) is right next to the high-rise building (C10), Schöfferstraße 3. You will find us on the second floor.


3. Visit request

If you are interested in visiting our campus or in meeting our professors, teachers and staff, please fill out this form.

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Besuchsanfrage / Visit request

Ask for a visit of h_da!

Erasmus: Staff training or teaching mobility

If you are from one of our partner universites (please see our interactive world map listing all of our partners) and would like to do a staff training (STT) or teaching mobility (STA) through the Erasmus program, please turn to the h_da department you are interested in, as the International Office does not offer any STT and STA opportunities. Contacts for each h_da department are listed here.
For your preparations, please take h_da's overall as well as department-specific semester dates and/or lecture period into account and make sure you start preparing your mobility well in advance - we recommend starting about half a year before the start of your mobility.



Annabelle Bijelić (she/her)
Head of International Office
Office: C23, 02.05

Campus map

Our interactive Campus Map will help you find your way around h_da's campuses.



Find more information about Darmstadt visit Darmstadt's official website.

Places of Interest

Mathildenhöhe - One of Darmstadt’s most famous tourist attractions, it includes: a park, artists’ colony, wedding tower, Russian chapel and museum. Was once the centre of “Jugendstil” (Art Nouveau)

Orangerie – baroque park near our guesthouse in the district of Bessungen

Herrngarten - Darmstadt’s oldest park, right in the city center

Hundertwasserhaus - The “Waldspirale” apartment house designed by the famous architect Hundertwasser

Darmstadt State Theatre – Theatre presenting plays, concerts, operas, and dance