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Erasmus Blended Intensive Programme (BIP) at h_da

Application Procedure

Would you like to take part in a BIP at h_da?

We look forward to hearing from you. These are your next steps: Contact your Erasmus coordinator or the lecturer of your home university so they can officially nominate you to participate in a BIP organized by us. Once we have received your name and application, we ask you to complete our (online) application form. 

The registration deadline will be announced separately by the International Office.

ERASMUS+ Funding

You can apply for Erasmus funding from your home university to take part in our BIP. For further information, for example on the funding amount and general requirements, please contact the respective coordinator at your home university.



Please check with the embassy or consulate if you need a visa to enter Germany. This should be done well in advance. Do you have any questions? Then contact the International Office or the BIP coordinator at your home university.





Accomodation in Darmstadt

Unfortunately, we cannot offer you any accommodation, but do check the following list of hostels and hotels in Darmstadt which we recommend as an alternative:


As an EU student, you are generally covered by health insurance in other EU member states via your European Health Insurance Card (EHIC). However, this insurance cover may not be sufficient for all situations, e.g. in the event of return transport or special medical treatment. In these cases, a supplementary private health insurance may be required.

In addition, liability and accident insurance policies cover damage caused by or inflicted on participants during their stay abroad. As these insurances are regulated differently in the individual countries, it's possible that your home insurance does not cover such damages that occur during the exchange. Therefore, please check whether your current liability and accident insurance is sufficient or whether you need to take out additional cover. 

In addition to the above-mentioned insurances, we recommend insurance against loss or theft of documents, travel tickets and luggage.

Hochschule Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences does not take out any of the above-mentioned insurances for BIP participants. It's your responsibility to ensure that you have sufficient health, liability and accident insurance cover during your stay in Darmstadt (including excursions).

Access to h_da systems

After having registered as a participant of the BIP via our  (online) registration, you will receive access to our h_da systems for the duration of the BIP.