Course recognition (Learning Agreement)

Course recognition (Learning Agreement)

The following applies to all stays abroad: courses completed during exchange can in principle be recognized for studies at the h_da and credited to the respective degree program. Recognition must be agreed with the relevant department BEFORE the start of the stay abroad. Course selection and recognition must be recorded and agreed in the  Learning Agreement (document for overseas stays). The authorized signatory for the Learning Agreement in each h_da department is either the chairperson of the examination board or the Departmental Coordinator (list to be found on Online Learning Agreement). For Erasmus+ please see this explanation. The mutually signed Learning Agreement is a legally binding document.

Recognition process SuK and language courses

  • The recognition of SuK courses must be coordinated in advance with the SuK responsible. The recognition is processed by the respective department and the stundent must submit a written confirmation from the SuK-responsible in which the recognition is explicitly supported.
  • Students can apply to the h_da Language Center for recognition of language courses taken abroad. If the Language Center, upon reviewing the documents, concludes that there is a significant difference between the language course completed abroad and a corresponding language course at the Language Center, recognition in the department is recommended. 
  • If students intend to take and have recognized a language course during their semester abroad that is not offered at the Language Center, this must be clarified with the Language Center in advance and included in the Learning Agreement. Again, if there is no significant difference to a language course offered by the Language Center, recognition is recommended.
  • As a general rule, a language course cannot replace a SuK course. This is due to the different structure of a language course. Likewise, specialized courses in a foreign language cannot be recognized as language courses.

Recognition process in general

•   BEFORE the stay:  Completion and approval of the Learning Agreement by all parties and with consultation of SuK and Language center where required.

•    DURING the stay: if there are any changes in your course selection, these must be approved again immediately with the persons responsible at the h_da.

•    AFTER the stay: submission of the Learning Agreement and Transcript of Records of the partner university to the examination board at h_da. Recognition should take place within 8 weeks. For Erasmus+ exchanges: It is mandatory to submit your my.h-da  transcript as proof of recognition to the International Office. Please ensure to highlight the courses recognised accordingly. Alternatively, you can submit the Learning Agreement Section 3 (part 2) as proof of recognition to the International Office of the h_da.

The Learning Agreement is a mandatory document for ERASMUS+ stays (Erasmus+ Online Learning Agreement completion guide). It is recommended for overseas stays. Note: For recognition of your courses it is also important that you have registered in the MoveON portal.