Wandergruppe in der Natur

Erasmus BIP at the h_da


  1. Application for participation in the BIP by the 4 deadlines (January 31 / March 31 / July 31 / October 31) 6 months before the start date of the event. Please send the completed  registration form to erasmus-bip@h-da.de.
  2. The International Office of the h_da checks the applications and the departments then receive feedback which participation in the BIP can be funded with Erasmus+ funds.
  3. The International Office concludes the contractual agreement with the participating universities in the BIP. The ECTS number and the number of students that the universities will send to the organizing institution of the BIP (h_da) are recorded here. 
  4. The department designs the teaching unit together with the cooperating universities and sets the corresponding dates.
  5. The organizing department of the h_da organizes the attendance week, i.e. the academic part as well as the leisure program. The International Office provides advice and experience. A student assistant, who supports the department in the implementation, can be financed specifically for the BIP via Erasmus+ funds.
    The department is responsible for the following tasks: Room booking, creation of Moodle course as well as Moodle accesses for the participants, organization of the introductory and closing event including catering and creation of the leisure program. A detailed list of tasks - especially for the student assistant - can be obtained from the International Office.
  6. The partner universities participating in the BIP recruit the participants and send the names to the International Office of h_da by the deadlines (January 31 / March 31 / July 31 / October 31) or at the latest 3 months before the BIP starts. The program begins with the start of the virtual component or the face-to-face unit - depending on which takes place first.
    In order for the program to count as a BIP and be funded by Erasmus+ funds, 15 mobile participants (h_da students do not count here!) and more must participate. 
  7. The International Office coordinates the students' application for the BIP as well as all other necessary formalities for Erasmus mobility. 
  8. Follow-up: Until 4 weeks after the end of the BIP, the department will send the completed evaluation form to the International Office and the department will prepare the Transcript of Records for the mobile participants.