[Translate to English:] Auslandsaufenthalte von Studierenden

For our students

1. Why go abroad?

There are many good reasons for a stay abroad during your studies:

  • Develop language skills
  • Enhance professional qualification and soft skills
  • Better career opportunities through experience abroad 
  • Personality development
  • Promoting intercultural competences
  • Establish contacts worldwide
  • Make new friends
  • And - experience the best time of your studies!

Read about our h_da returnees' experiences abroad (in German) and be inspired by the adventures of fellow students.

You can also follow students who are currently studying abroad. The worldwide Correspondents Network of the "study worldwide - experience it" campaign reports on their stays abroad. 

2. What options do I have?

3. How can I apply?

Internal application deadlines at the department:

31.01. for semester abroad in the following academic year (WS/SS) - all regions except USA - exception Utah Tech

mid.05. for stays abroad in Australia (Hessian state programmes)

15.07. late deadline for semester abroad in the summer semester - all regions except USA

15.11. for stays abroad in the USA - currently limited possibilities

Missed the deadline or decided at short notice? Ask your departmental coordinator or us at the International Office for remaining places!

Prerequisites, recognition & tuition fees:

  • Stays abroad are possible during the degree programme:
    • In the Bachelor's or Diplom degree programme from the 3rd semester onwards
    • In the Master's programme from the 1st semester onwards
  • There are no tuition fees at our  partner universities.
  • At universities that are "Study Abroad" partners, h_da students receive a discount on tuition fees.
  • Recognition of study achievements from abroad is possible after prior consultation with your department
  • You can do both voluntary and mandatory internships, as well as final theses abroad.
  • Internships abroad can also take place during the semester break. If you would like to apply for funding, please note the minimum duration of 2 months. (e.g. for Erasmus+ and the university grant


Initial thoughts and preparations should begin a year before your planned stay. Take advantage of our information offers or get advice from us during our office hours. You should also discuss your plans with the departmental coordinators of your degree programme. They will be able to advice you on specific study programmes and academic questions.

You should answer the following questions for yourself as early as possible:

Find more information in our FAQs.