Internationalisation@home h_da


"...any internationally related activity with the exception of outbound student and staff mobility" (Wächter, 2000)

Hochschule Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences has made it its mission to promote internationalisation not only by means of international mobility, but also through appropriate measures on site. These can be summarised under the term "Internationalisation@home" - i.e. access to important intercultural experiences and international discourses on our own campuses ("at home"). Especially for students who, for different reasons, cannot go abroad themselves, we offer intercultural experiences at home to gain skills needed in their professional lives. In the area of administration and teaching, our aim is to prevent communicative conflicts and misunderstandings by intercultural sensitisation through (inbound and outbound) staff mobility. In addition, an international perspective will be integrated even more strongly into new degree programmes. Our measures are designed to bring the positive aspects of internationalisation closer to all h_da students and staff, thus creating a culture of welcome at the university.

International activities & programs:

Buddy Program

The program connects international students that are new to h_da with students who are familiar with h_da.


h_da Language Center

Chinese • English • French • German • Italian • Portuguese • Sign Language • Spanish


Staff mobility

Expand your language and intercultural skills through a stay abraod!


Tandem learning

Learning a language by talking to someone


Language Café

At the Language Café, students can talk to other students in German or other languages in a laid-back café atmosphere.


Funding for guest lecturers

Information on funding for international guests coming to h_da for a teaching assignment


Zertifikat Interkulturelle Studien (ZIS)

h_da courses with an intercultural focus


meet & eat

Have lunch together with other students!



Annabelle Bijelić (she/her)
Head of International Office
Office: C23, 02.05