The PROMOS scholarship programme of the DAAD aims to promote the mobility of students at the Hochschule Darmstadt with scholarships for shorter stays abroad (from 1-6 months). The scholarships, consisting of a monthly stip (column "partial scholarship stay"), are awarded by the Hochschule Darmstadt through a quality-oriented selection process. The monthly funding rates are country-dependent and amount to 350-550 euros from 2021 (previously 350-550 euros). You can find out how high the current funding rate of your target country in 2023 is here.

The PROMOS scholarships are announced twice a year (October/November and March/April). Applications are only possible during the application period.
The application for PROMOS is made via the MoveON-Portal. The PROMOS application form for stays in the spring term 2023 (stays with start date between 01.01.2023 and 30.06.2023) is available between 15.10 and 25.11.2022 (23:59).

Incomplete applications or applications sent too late cannot be accepted.The responsibility for the timely submission of ALL documents lies with the applicants (see box on the right). 

Applications are open to all h_da students who:

  •     are regularly enrolled at h_da and are aiming for a degree
  •     are planning a stay abroad outside Europe
  •     have not yet been sponsored by PROMOS in the current phase of their studies
  •     have sufficient knowledge of the lecture/teaching/company language
  •     have completed at least the 2nd semester of their Bachelor's degree at the time of the exchange programme
  •     have already registered their stay abroad on MoveON using the overseas form.

Funding is available for study-related stays abroad outside Europe up to a maximum of 6 months in the following funding lines:


  • Study visits (between 1 - 6 months): Study visits of up to 4 months can be funded. Applications from "freemovers" will also be considered.
  •  Internships abroad (min. 6 weeks to max. 6 months): Internships abroad can be funded for up to 4 months.
  • Theses (between 1 - 6 months: Funding is available for stays at universities, research institutions or companies to write a Bachelor's or Master's thesis. Applicants must already have a letter of acceptance from the host institution at the time of application. The stay abroad to write the thesis must be expressly supported by the h_da supervisor. The writing of a thesis abroad can be funded for up to 4 months.

A selection committee decides on the awarding of the scholarships in a quality-oriented procedure. The following criteria are taken into account:

  •     Formal criteria: Timely submission, completeness of documents, compliance with the requirements for curriculum vitae and letter of motivation.
  •     Academic qualification
  •     linguistic qualification
  •     Motivation for the stay abroad and meaningfulness of the planned stay in relation to studies
  •     Intercultural preparation (e.g. participation in an intercultural workshop, buddy programme)

In the case of equal suitability, preference will be given to applicants who have not yet received PROMOS funding and who are studying at a partner university. The number of funded depends on the total amount of funding made available to h_da by the DAAD.

Applicants will be informed about the outcome of the procedure within 8 weeks after the application deadline. We kindly ask you to refrain from asking questions about the process.


If you are selected for a PROMOS scholarship, you will receive the scholarship confirmation and other important information by email. Scholarship holders can make use of the DAAD group insurance.

Next Steps

Before your stay
Submit the following documents:

  •  Learning Agreement: signed by your faculty
  •  Confirmation of place of study
  •  Signed Scholarship Agreement: You will receive this together with your scholarship confirmation. Please note the deadline in the confirmation e-mail.

During your stay
Submit the following documents:

  •   Certificate of Arrival: have it signed by the host institution within one week of arrival and send it by e-mail to

After the study-related stay
Submit the following documents by email to

  •  Certificate of Attendance: have it signed by the host institution within one week after the end of the study-relevant stay and submit it to h_da.
  •  Final Report: submit by 8 weeks after the end of the stay.
  •  Transcript of Records: submit within 8 weeks after the end of the stay relevant to your studies (studies only).
  • We urge you to keep up to date with developments in the host country via the websites of the Federal Foreign Office, the embassy in the host country, the Robert-Koch Institute and the Federal Foreign Office's information on worldwide travel warnings.
  • It is essential that you register on the Foreign Office's ELEFAND crisis precaution list BEFORE your stay.
  • If the Federal Foreign Office has issued a travel warning for the country or region in question, the university may not conclude/issue a scholarship agreement/scholarship commitment.
  • Scholarships are calculated on the basis of full months (30 days). A full month is calculated from day 15. Arrival and departure are not counted towards the dates of stay; it is the pure study or work stay on site that counts.
  • Students who do not receive a PROMOS grant and who study at a partner university during their stay abroad may be awarded a lump-sum university grant, depending on their ranking and the availability of funds.
  • in case you receive a scholarship from another organization or applied for additional scholarships, you need to let the International Office know in advance. 

Not eligible for funding are:

  • PhD students
  • Internships with:

- International organisations (e.g. UN)
- EU institutions
- German missions abroad Goethe Institutes
- the German Humanities Institutes
- the German Archaeological Institute
- German schools abroad

1. Can stays at universities that are not partner universities also be funded?

Yes, but stays at partner universities are preferred if the applicants are equally qualified.

2. Can I submit application documents later?
No, all documents must be submitted by the deadline. The applicant is responsible for submitting all documents by the deadline.

3. I am a Master's student in the 1st semester and do not yet have a Master's certificate. Is it sufficient if I submit my Bachelor's transcript?

4. How much funding is available?
The funding is country-specific and amounts to 350 EUR - 550 EUR per month for a maximum period of 4 months. Currently, h_da does not award any travel grants.

5. Can tuition fees be funded through PROMOS?
No. If you study at a partner university of the h_da, tuition fees are waived. However, tuition fees do apply for Study Abroad partners and may apply if you apply as a "Freemover". Please inform yourself in good time about the reimbursement of tuition fees through Auslands-BAföG. You can also apply for a grant through the HAW.Internatonal scholarship.

6. Can stays that last longer than one semester be funded?
No, only stays lasting a maximum of one semester (6 months) can be funded. If your stay is longer than one semester, please inform yourself in good time about other funding opportunities (e.g. DAAD One-Year Scholarship or DAAD Combined Study and Internship Semester).

7. Can PROMOS be combined with other funding?
If you would like to receive or apply for other funding, you are required to let us know.

  1.   Erasmus+ and PROMOS cannot be combined. The same applies to SEMP (Switzerland).
  2.   BAföG abroad and PROMOS: PROMOS funding benefits are offset against BAföG benefits by the office. You are required to declare PROMOS funding to the relevant office.
  3.   DAAD individual scholarships and PROMOS: DAAD individual scholarships and PROMOS scholarships may not be claimed at the same time.
  4.   Deutschlandstipendium and PROMOS: may be claimed at the same time.
  5.   Other scholarship benefits and PROMOS: In the case of scholarships from other scholarship providers, a combination of scholarships from private funds and PROMOS scholarships is possible. However, if public funding from Germany is also used to support the stay abroad, the decisive factor is generally which funding purpose is being pursued. This means that PROMOS funding is not possible if the same funding purpose is already being pursued with public funds from Germany. You must declare the PROMOS funding to any other scholarship providers.

PROMOS is sponsored by


Ina Schnakenberg (she/her)
Office: C23, 2.07

Campus Dieburg
Erasmus+ and overseas
Miriam Eckers

Office: F01, 110

Office hours

Please find our office hours on our homepage.


Register your stay via moveon..

DAAD Language Certificate

The h_da Language Center currently offers appointments  2x per month during lecture hours. Timely registration is required. In order to participate you need to pass the Oxford Online Placement Test (OOPT).

Please note that the appointments are booked up quickly shortly before the scholarship deadline and it is best to take the test in the previous semester. 

You can find general information here