University Grant for Practical Training (overseas)

With the university grant of the h_da, internships/degree theses outside of the Erasmus+ programme countries are supported by students of our university. The scholarships are awarded by the h_da International Office through a quality-oriented selection process.

News (21.03.2024): The continued funding of the grant up to and including summer semester 2026 was approved by the QSL Commission in March 2024. The updated information on the process and funding can be found below.

Travel allowance

  • UK & Switzerland: 300 EUR
  • Overseas: 600 EUR

Monthly lump sum

  • 500 EUR


  • You are enrolled at the h_da and seeking for a degree
  • You have already registered your stay via the overseas form on MoveON and submitted the registration form by email.
  • Internship of at least 2 months and a maximum of 12 months
  • Full-time study-related internship/practical stay
  • You have sufficient knowledge of the company language.
  • You have completed the second semester at the beginning of your stay abroad, i.e. your semester abroad is at least the third semester.
  • You haven't been supported by the university grant already

At least 4 weeks before the start of the programme. 


The application is made via the portal MoveON (form: Hochschulzuschuss Praxisaufenthalte). 

You must submit the following documents with the online application: 

  • Letter of Motivation (1-2 pages)
  • Current enrolment certificate
  • transcript/Grade sheet (printout from departmental grading system)
  • Confirmation from the hosting institution with precise details of the duration, content and, where appropriate, remuneration of the traineeship


  • The university grant cannot be combined with a grant from DAAD programmes
  • Outgoings are strongly recommended to register on the website of the Federal Foreign Office ("Elektronische Erfassung von Deutschen im Ausland (ELEFAND)") for all travels, and especially for travels to regions with a critical security situation
  • If there is a travel warning from the Federal Foreign Office for the country or region concerned, the university cannot conclude/send a scholarship agreement/grant approval.
  • a full month is calculated from day 15.
  • If you are in Germany with a visa/residence permit, you need to make sure duly in advance that your stay abroad is covered. See details here. 
  • Generally, it is possible to combine the internship salary with the university subsidy. Especially if you receive a higher salary, please explain in your motivation letter why you would like to or need to apply for the university subsidy in addition to the internship salary.