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European University of Technology

Hochschule Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences is a member of the network EUt+ (European University of Technology), which started work in 2020 as part of  the European Universities Initiative (initiated by the European Commission).

h_da was one of only two German universities of Applied Sciences being successful in this call. The aim of the Europe-wide initiative with in total 41 universities is to grow together to form one connected and inclusive European University on different campuses, where students, teachers and staff can exchange ideas and move more freely.

The alliance EUt+ is formed by nine universities, each with a focus on (but not restricted to) technology. The common goal is to take a multi-faceted approach on technology with its pivotal role in forging an inclusive and sustainable future. Our motto is „Think Human first“.


Our partner universities are:


Some of the EUt+ goals

  • Smooth exchange between the eight campuses for students, staff and teachers
  • easier recognition of credits from the partner universities
  • a common European laboratory (ECT+Lab) for students and reseachers (interdisciplinary)
  • joint degree programs (a European Master of Engineering)
  • common curricula (EUt+ course offer)
  • a German-French Graduate School

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