Stadt von Soongsil in Korea

Studying abroad

You'd like to experience everyday life at a university abroad - attending classes, earning credits and having a cuppa with your classmates on campus? Have a look at your options!

The Who is Who of our partner universities

As you can see, h_da works with different types of partner universities:

  • No matter what you study at h_da, you can do an exchange of one or two semester at one of our Exchange partner universities. These partners do not charge you any tuition fees.
  • Our Erasmus partner universites comprise specific agreements for specific h_da departments. All of these universities are located in countries that are part of the Easmus programme, i.e. most of them are located in Europe, but Turkey, for example, is part of the Erasmus programme as well. At these universities, you don't have to pay any tuition fees.
  • Our Study-abroad partner universities are located overseas. They offer you a discount for their tuition fees.
  • Should you be interested in a university abroad we don't have an agreement with, you can apply there on your own as a so-called "free-mover student". Possible tuition feels will have to be covered by you.
  • If you don't want to or can't spend an entire semester abroad, check out our short-term programmes such as summer and winter schools.

Credits obtained during your exchange semester abroad can be counted toward your h_da studies. For this, it's important to discuss the way in which they can be recognized prior to the start of your exchange semester abroad with the person in charge at your h_da department. Make sure to become familiar with the procedure