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Buddy Program

What's the goal of the program?

The goal of the program is to pair up local h_da students with newly enrolled international students who are about to start their studies in Darmstadt or Dieburg. This way, h_da students can help international sutdents find their way around h_da, Darmstadt, Dieburg and Germany. For this, international students ("incoming buddies") will be assigned a local student ("welcome buddy") for one semester.
In addition to the support offered to newly enrolled international students in study-related matters by their respective welcome buddies, the program facilitates the formation of new friendships, and gives students the chance to gain intercultural experiences and improve their language skills.

How does the program work?

1.Signing up:
Newly enrolled international students sign up as incoming buddies. Students of h_da sign up as welcome buddies.

2. Matching:
A matching between incoming and welcome buddies will be made and you will be given the contact details of your buddy.

3. Getting in touch:
Now you can get in touch with your partner.

The commitment to be a buddy is for one semester. Taking part in the program is free of charge.

What do we offer you during the program?

As part of the program we organize various events such as an International Walk, a picnic and many more. These opportunities provide an excellent platform for intercultural exchange and networking.

Has our program sparked your interest? Then become a part of it!

Registration for Welcome Buddy Program (you are h_da-student)

Here you can sign up for the Buddy Program as a Welcome Buddy

Registration for Incoming Buddy Program (you are new to h_da)

Here you can register for the Buddy Program as an Incoming Buddy.


Buddy Program

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