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Staff Weeks an Partnerhochschulen

Als Mitarbeitende*r der h_da haben Sie die Möglichkeit, an einer Themenwoche ("Staff Week") im Ausland teilzunehmen. Die Dauer beträgt in den meisten Fällen eine Woche. Typischerweise wird während einer solchen Themenwoche ein aktuelles Thema aus dem Hochschulbereich näher beleuchtet. Darüber hinaus haben die Teilnehmenden die Möglichkeit, sich mit Kolleg*innen von Hochschulen im Ausland zu vernetzen sowie Sprachkenntnisse und interkulturellen Kompetenzen weiter auszubauen. Von den Einblicken in die Strukturen, Abläufe und Best Practices an Hochschulen im Ausland können Sie sehr profitieren! Eine Übersicht über aktuell ausgeschriebene Staff Weeks finden Sie auf dieser Seite. Bei Fragen stehen wir Ihnen gerne zur Seite.


Estonian Academy of Arts

International Week: ERASMUS+ BIP
Sharing Experiences
Dates: May 27 - 31, 2024

We warmly invite your teaching and non-teaching staff to our International Week, part of the ERASMUS+ Blended Intensive Programme. This event is a unique platform for sharing expertise and fostering collaboration.

Our theme, "Sharing Experiences," covers:

  1. Communication Challenges at HEIs in Crises – Solveig Jahnke will guide discussions on navigating communication during crises.
  2. Challenges and Practices of Quality Assurance: External Quality Assessment and International Accreditations in Higher Arts Education – Kristiina Krabi-Klanberg will lead exchanges and discussions on quality and accreditation processes.
  3. Learner centeredness in digitally enhanced learning environments – Kaja Toomla will explore emerging possibilities and practical challenges that digitalisation brings along.

These sessions aim to inspire and equip educators and administrators for an evolving educational landscape and we invite you to actively participate in talks, presentations and discussions.

The week not only offers invaluable insights for leaders, educators, researchers, and administrative staff but also includes a special highlight: the EKA graduation show, TASE 2024. This event showcases the exceptional talent of our graduates, offering a glimpse into the future of art, design, architecture, and cultural studies. We strongly encourage active participation, particularly in sessions that resonate with these creative fields.

As an ERASMUS BIP event, commitment throughout the week is important. This event qualifies for the Erasmus+ programme (staff training or teaching).

Please express your interest for participation here.





FH St. Pölten

Connecting Europe! How Education and Research Contribute to European Values

Zeitraum: : 25. bis 28. November 2024
Ort: St. Pölten
Mehr Informationen sind auf der Website zu finden.




Babeș-Bolyai University

1. Erasmus+ International Staff Week on Project Management

Dates: 13 - 17 May 2024
Location: Babeș-Bolyai University in Cluj-Napoca, Romania
The training event is designed for all university staff regardless of their background, and it will be an opportunity to participate in seminars, workshops and social events meant to facilitate exchange of good practices, discuss topics related to managing of international projects, strengthen partnerships between universities and explore new contacts.   
 Participation in the event is free of charge. However, participants are expected to cover the travel, accommodation and living expenses through the Erasmus+ fund for staff training mobility (STT) available in their home institutions.
Because the working language of all the activities will be English, a minimum B2 level is recommended. The application for the International Staff Week is now open. If you are interested in our event, please apply through our website. The deadline for the registration is 1 April 2024. Results of the application procedure will be announced by e-mail by 8 April 2024.  
Please find here the provisional program of the event. 
If you require any further information, don’t hesitate to contact us at:

2. Transylvania International Summer Courses of Romanian Language

Dates: 1 July - 19 July 2024
Location: Cluj-Napoca, Romania

Are you ready for an immersive language experience that goes beyond the textbooks? Look no further! Join our Romanian language courses organized by Babes-Bolyai University and embark on a linguistic and cultural journey like no other.

  • 📚 Language Excellence: Master the Romanian language with our expert instructors who are passionate about teaching and dedicated to your language learning success. From essential phrases to fluent communication, our courses cater to all levels.
  • 🌐 Cultural Immersion: But it's not just about language; it's about embracing the vibrant Romanian culture! Immerse yourself in the richness of Romanian traditions, folklore, and customs. Our curriculum integrates cultural insights, ensuring you not only speak the language but truly understand the soul of Romania.
  • 🎉 Social & Cultural Events: What sets our program apart? The exciting social and cultural events that make your learning experience unforgettable! Join lively festivals, engage in community gatherings, and participate in cultural excursions. From traditional music concerts to folklore dance nights, you'll be part of a dynamic cultural exchange.
  • 🍲 Gastronomic Adventures: Discover the flavors of Romania! Our program includes gastronomic adventures where you'll savor authentic Romanian cuisine. Engage in cooking classes, explore local markets, and indulge in delicious traditional dishes. Because language is not just spoken; it's savored!
  • 🤝 Community Connection: Connect with a community of like-minded language enthusiasts. Our classes foster a supportive environment where friendships flourish. Whether you're a beginner or looking to enhance your skills, you'll find a community that shares your passion for language and culture.
  • 🌟 Why Choose Babes-Bolyai University? Accredited courses with a focus on practical language skills. Experienced and enthusiastic instructors. Immersive cultural experiences to enhance your learning journey. A welcoming community that values diversity and inclusion.

🚀 Ready to embark on this adventure? Enroll now and let the beauty of the Romanian language and culture captivate you! 🎓🌹 Visit our website.

'Politehnica' University of Timisoara

UPT's Erasmus+ International Staff Week: Synergies in Academia: Cultivating Alliances, Embracing Interculturality and Promoting Sustainability

Dates: 20 May - 24 May 2024
Location: Timișoara, Romania
Application: through an online registration form



University of Economics

Bratislava Summer School 2024: Business and Leadership in Central Europe

  • 15.-19.07.2024: Managing People in the Digital Era
  • 22.-26.07.2024: International Business Management

Erfahren Sie mehr über das Programm. Bei Interesse wenden Sie sich an die Organiator*innen.


Polytechnic University of Catalonia (UPC)

Universidad Politécnica de Cartagena: XI UPCT International Staff Week

We are delighted to share with you the celebration of the XI UPCT International Staff Week that will be held from 6th to 10th May 2024.  

Participants will have a unique opportunity to share ideas, best practices and experiences with colleagues from all over the world. The working language will be English. If you want to join us, we kindly ask you to fill in the following application form. Participation requires a registration fee of 150 euros, which includes coffee breaks, farewell dinner, some lunches and cultural activities. Information on the payment procedure will follow shortly. For questions, please turn to

University of Jaén

Universidad de Jaén: Staff Week

The University of Jaén will be holding a Staff Week from May 13th until May 17th of 2024. Partner institutions from the KA171 and KA131 are invited. There will be 80 vacant slots to participate, and we will initially select 2 people per institution to foster the diversity of participants. More slots per university will be added in case of low demand, of which the candidates kept in reservation lists will be updated.

If you have any interest in participating, fill out this Google form form by April 23rd. The planning of the Staff Week will be published soon in our website.
For any inquires, write to



Anadolu University

2nd International Staff Mobility Week - Anadolu University

Dates: 6 May - 10 May 2024

Anadolu University is delighted to personally invite you to their 2nd Staff Week, which we will host this May 2024 (from May 6 to 10).

The theme of our event is Erasmus+ Blended Mobility. Our aim is to introduce blended mobility and blended intensive mobility programs to academic staff members and train them on these programs. We would like to host workshops where those faculty members with experience would share their experience(s) in creating, executing, and evaluating such a course with the rest of the participants. Therefore we are looking for faculty members with blended mobility or blended intensive mobility course experience. I would like to inquire if one of the faculty members at your university with such experience would be able to come to Anadolu University and make a presentation about his/her BIP course experience at our event.

We are able to host one academic per institution. There will be no participation fee for our event. It is possible to apply for funding within the Erasmus+ Program. If you do not qualify for the Erasmus+ Program funding, you may participate by self-funding as unfortunately, we do not have available funding for KA131 mobilities. Anadolu University will cover the costs of welcome dinner, farewell lunch, and social activities such as ancient site tours.
Also, if there is no academic staff who would like to present about a BP/BIP course, please feel free to spread the word to see if a faculty member would like to attend our event as a trainee and/or teach at the respective department.        

If you're interested, check out the full programme. After submitting your application, we will send further information by e-mail.

Izmir University of Economics

“Erasmus+ International Staff Training Week about Healthy Campus”
June 18-21, 2024.

We expect applications from our colleagues at partner universities who work in projects/activities/departments:

  • To create “Healthy Campus” concept,
  • To develop and implementing policies in the field or
  • To increase awareness about “Healthy Campus” in their institution in the future.

During this thematic staff training week, we aim to address and discuss the following topics:

  • Perception of Healthy campus structure: How is “Healthy Campus” described?
  • Sustainability on Healthy Campus
  • Creating awareness about a “Healthy Campus” and increasing contribution and support of all campus population
  • Sharing of institutional best practices

You can also visit our website on

Applications will be received online on

Deadline for application: February 28, 2024


Büro Campus Dieburg: F01, 110
Büro Campus Darmstadt: C23, 02.11