Finishing up your stay

In order to finish your stay, you need to 

  • Deregister from h_da (“Exmatrikulation“ in German)
  • Deregister your address at City Hall (“Abmeldung des Wohnsitzes“)
  • Cancel your health insurance
  • Move out of your room / apartment
  • Request a transcript of records from h_da
  • Give us feedback on your stay with us

There will be an end-of-semester meetup, where we‘ll walk you through these last steps. Our end-of-semester meetup takes place about 4 weeks before the end of the lecture period. 

Saying goodbye to Darmstadt may not be an easy thing to do… but we‘ll try to make things easier for you. Let‘s just say that we have a little surprise in store for you – so, don‘t miss out!