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Finishing your exchange semester

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In order to finish your exchange semester with us, you need to 

  1. Deregistration from h_da
  2. Deregistration of your German address
  3. Cancellation of your health insurance plan
  4. Moving out of your room or apartment
  5. Requesting a transcript of records
  6. Closing your German bank account
  7. Closing your blocked bank account
  8. Writing a scholarship report
  9. Your feedback
  10. Signing your "Confirmation of Stay"

There will be an end-of-semester session, during which we‘ll walk you through these last steps. It typically takes place about three to four weeks before the end of the lecture period.

1. Deregistration from h_da

Please fill out the Deregistration form (our tutorial on the cloud-folder explains you how to do this).


  • Do not deregister from h_da before having taken all of your exams
  • By deregistering from h_da, your German student status will end. This means that your German health insurance plan and your public transport travel pass ("semesterticket") will no longer be valid. It's also possible that your visa or residence permit may no longer be valid. For this reason, you should choose your last day of being in Germany for your deregistration date
  • Don't forget to hand in your Campus Card (i.e. your travel pass) at the HelpDesk as well

2. Deregistration of your German address

Please deregister your German address in Darmstadt, or Dieburg, or other cities respectively.

Please note: You can have your address deregistered at most one week before actually moving out of your place and up to two weeks after moving out.

3. Cancellation of your health insurance plan

If you have taken out a German health insurance plan, don't forget to cancel it with a six weeks notice.
Important: Your student status and health insurance plan go together: You can only have an official student status in Germany if your German health insurance plan ist still valid, so make sure to have both things end on the same day.

4. Moving out of your room or apartment

Students living in a room in a residence hall (Studierendenwerk Darmstadt):
If you are staying in a room assigned to you by the International Office, your rental contract will end automaticlly on 28/29 February, or 31 August respectively.

Students living in a private accommodation:
If your rental contract does not automatically end at a certain date, make sure to give your landlord, or landlady a three months' notice of your move.

On your move-out date, your room or apartment will be checked for damages. A document will be issued stating whether the room or apartment has been handed over damage-free. Make sure to hand over your room or apartment as well as the common rooms in good conditions (i.e. damage-free and clean).

5. Requesting a transcript of records

There are two kinds of documents for h_da exchange students:

  • a personal list of your courses and grades on my.h-da (under Exams Extract):
    Download this document and send it to your home university. The document is valid without a signature or seal by h_da.
  • a report card ("transcript of records"): In order to request a transcript of records, please:
    1. Fill out the course list document with all of the required information and sign it. Incomplete documents cannot be processed by the departments.
    2. Send the course list to the person in charge of issuing transcripts of records at your h_da department (see list below). Please note that it may take up to 6 weeks to receive your final transcript.
    3. Students of the following programs also need to send their current Learning Agreement with the document under 1. to the person listed: Animation &Game, Expanded Realities, Interactive Media Design, Sound and Music Production & Motion Pictures 

Architecture (FB A)

Business (FB W)

Kathrin Steiger-Müller:

Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology (FB CuB)

Civil and Environmental Engineering (FB BU)

Andrea Kirchbaum:
Andrea Schäfer:

Computer Science (FB I)

Jelena Kljucevic & Kerstin Lehmann

Design (FB G)

Larry Holden:

Electrical Engineering and Information Technology (FB EIT)

Andrea Wendt:

Mathematics and Natural Sciences (FB MN)

Layal Osman:
Gertrud-Maria Pfingstgraef:

Mechanical and Plastics Engineering (FB MK)

Susanne Wolf:

Media (FB MD)

Animation and Game:
Petrina Impekoven-Poley:

Animation & Game Direction:
Monika Maag:

Expanded Media:
Monika Maag:

Expanded Realities:
Petrina Impekoven-Poley:

Information Science:
Marion Keller:

Interactive Media Design:
Petrina Impekoven-Poley:

International Media Cultural Work (IMC)
Monika Maag:

Media, Technology & Society:
Manuela Schaible:

Motion Pictures:
Petrina Impekoven-Poley:

Online Journalism:
Manuela Schaible:

Online Communication:
Manuela Schaible:

Sound and Music Production:
Petrina Impekoven-Poley:

Social Work (FB S)

Laura Hermann:
Hülya Pehlivan:

Social Sciences (FB GW)

Applied Social Sciences:
Annette Truöl:

Information Law:
Claudia Placenti:

International Licensing Law:
Claudia Placenti:

Risk Assessment and Sustainability Management (RASUM):
Claudia Placenti:

Business Psychology:
Claudia Placenti:

Stephanie Bittner / Petra Karl:

6. Closing your German bank account

Before closing your German bank accout, please be mindful of these things:

  • Make sure that you have made all outstanding payments. Also, bear in mind that the deposit for your room or apartment may be sent to your German bank account. This may take up to six months. Talk to your landlord or landlady about this
  • Make sure your bank account is balanced

To have your bank account closed, please go to your bank and tell them that you will be leaving Germany and would like to close your bank account. Tell them a date that lies in the future as the final day for your account.

7. Closing your blocked bank account

If you're in Germany on a visa or residence permit, you have had to open a blocked bank account. In order to close your blocked bank account, you need a confirmation by the Foreigner's Office. You're eligible to receive this confirmation only after having your Geman address deregistered. This is what you should do:

  1. Have your German address deregistered (see above)
  2. Write us an email to telling us that you'd like to have your blocked bank account closed. Tell us the date for which you'd like to close the account as well, please. We will ask the Foreigner's Office to issue a confirmation for you.
  3. After receiving the confirmation (either from the Foreigner's Office or by us), get in touch with the provider of your blocked bank account and ask them to close the account.

8. Writing a scholarship report

If you receive a DAAD-funded scholarship from the h_da (e.g. STIBET), you are required to submit a scholarship report within two months after the end of your stay. For STIBET you can find more information on this page.



9. Your feedback

We always strive to make things better in the future - for this, your feedback is very valuable for us! Shortly before or after leaving Darmstadt, or Dieburg, we will send you the link to a survey. We'd appreciate it a lot if you took the time (about 10 mins.) to complete the survey and tell us about your experiences in Germany, Darmstadt, or Dieburg, and h_da!

10. Signature on your "Confirmation of Stay" (Erasmus document)

Marina and Ronja can sign your Erasmus document "Confirmation of Stay" form (digitally or in person) if the following points are observed:

  • the end date must be the day of your last exam at h_da
  • we can only sign the document on or after this exam date, not before
  • fill in all fields yourself (i.e. your personal and residence data)
  • please tell us the email address of your home university if you want us to send it there.

The Erasmus Code of h_da: D  DARMSTA02


Marina Zielke (she/her) &
Ronja Schneider (she/her)

Incoming exchange students advisors
Office: C23, 02.10