Why choose h_da?

You‘re interested in studying with us, but aren‘t quite sure yet? We hope browsing through this section helps you make a decision!

We‘d be delighted to welcome you and we think that h_da, Darmstadt and the Rhine-Main region have a lot to offer. But see for yourself:


Marina Zielke (she/her) &
Ronja Schneider (she/her)

Office: C23, 02.10

This is Marina.

Marina was an exchange student in Spain, Peru and the UK and knows what it feels like to make the decision to participate in an exchange semester.
She will help you find out whether h_da is a good fit for you.
Once you‘re set to come to Darmstadt, she will walk you through the application process, the administrative matters that need to be taken care of prior to coming to Germany, and she will welcome you to Darmstadt in person during our Welcome & Orientation Days!

This is Ronja.

Ronja also knows what it's like to live abroad for some time. She spent five months in Estonia with Erasmus+. Ronja will help you with questions about your visa and applying for a residence permit in Darmstadt. She will also give you all the information you need about the STIBET scholarship for your exchange semester at h_da.