How to apply

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The steps you need to take to apply at h_da depend on whether your home university is

  • a partner university of h_da 
  • not a partner university of h_da.

Click on this interactive worldmap to find out whether your home university is a partner university of h_da or not. 

Your home university is a partner university of h_da:

Step 1. Application at your home university:

You have to apply for a spot in our exchange program at your home university. The International Office of your home university will give you details on the selection criteria and application deadlines. If you‘re applying as an Erasmus student, your home university will tell you exactly what to do in order to receive an Erasmus grant. 

Step 2. Nomination by your home university:

Once you have been selected by your home university, your home university will nominate you for a stay with us. This means they will send us your name, email address and details on your study program, so we can get in touch with you. The nomination deadlines are 15 April for winter semesters and 15 October for spring semesters (your home university knows about our deadlines, as we are in constant contact) 

Step 3. Online application at h_da:

After we receive your nomination, we will get in touch with you and send you a link so you can apply online. This email is typically sent out in mid-April for winter semesters, and mid-October for spring semesters, respectively. Applying online means you will have to fill in an application form and upload certain documents such as a provisional learning agreement, a CV and a language certificate, among others.

Our application deadlines are

  • 1 May for winter semesters
  • 1 November for spring semesters

We will inform you about whether or not you have been accepted by the department you applied for by the end of June for winter semesters, and the end of December for spring semesters.

Your home university is not a partner university of h_da

We may be able to welcome you, even if your home university is not a partner university of h_da. In that case, you do not have to apply for a spot at your home university, but you need to apply at h_da directly. Just send us an email, asking to apply online. Please note, though, that studying with us as a visiting incoming student, or “free-mover student”, you are not entitled to an Erasmus grant (if your home university takes part in the Erasmus program, that is).

Selection process:

  • Language requirements: Please note that a B2 level of English or German (depending on the language you will be studying in) is recommended, but that a B1 level is sufficient in some cases (a test from the language center of your home university is sufficient for us)
  • Design & Media studies: Please note that you’re required to hand in a portfolio of your work to be accepted.
  • students from our partner universites are prioritized: You may apply even though your home university and h_da do not have an agreement, but please understand that students from our partner universities are prioritized.

On this website you can see the documents you need to submit for your application.

Funding for Ukrainian refugees

Ukrainian refugees can enrol at the h_da as international exchange students and thus receive Erasmus+ funding:

Funding sum:

- 1,100€/month (one month = 30 days) (semester contribution fees of 222,00€ and health insurance must be paid individually)

The following criteria must be met:

- The maximum funding period is 12 months per study period.
- Who is eligible for funding?

  •     Students who are enrolled at a Ukrainian higher education institution,
  •     Graduates who have completed their studies in Ukraine in the last 12 months,
  •     Higher education staff working at a Ukrainian higher education institution if they are fleeing Ukraine due to the Russian attack.

- According to the current state of knowledge, one of the following documents is sufficient as proof of student status:

  •     Certificate of enrolment,
  •     Transcript of records,
  •     Certificate from the home university or a Ukrainian authority.

- Eligible: Internship (incl. graduate internship), study, teaching, continuing education.

We can provide the funded Ukrainian students with a free Erasmus+ funded online language course via the OLS platform.

Free assessment of German language skills (onSET) and study aptitude (TestAS) as well as free participation in the TestDaF language test recognized at all German universitiesand Deutsh-Uni Online German courses (A1-C1) via the DAAD website.

Please note: We fund according to the DAAD/EU Commission guidelines and make funding decisions according to our own Erasmus+ funding availability.