First things first: Some hard facts: 

With 12 departments, over 70 degree programs at the bachelor’s and master’s level, and 16.000+ students, h_da is one of the largest universities of applied sciences in Germany.
Classes here are practically oriented and our professors have at least 5 years of hands-on experience in their field. Most of our professors are linked to regional and international companies so they know exactly which skills are needed in the “real world“. 

In the most recent University Ranking conducted by Wirtschaftswoche, h_da made the top 5 of most-wanted graduates on the job market. 

Our key areas of study and research are: 

h_da is very attractive internationally and about 20% of our students are international students. This number is much higher than the German average which is about 11% (DAAD/DZHW: Wissenschaft weltoffen 2016, S. 6).

European values

In 2019 an alliance of a total of eight European universities was created of which h_da is a part.This alliance is called “European University of Technology“ (EUt+). In addition to h_da, the following universities are included in the alliance: 

  • Cyprus Technical University (Cyprus)
  • Technical University Cluj Napoca (Romania)
  • Technological University Dublin (Ireland)
  • Technical University Riga (Latvia)
  • Technical University Sofia (Bulgaria)
  • Universidad Politécnica de Cartagena (Spain)
  • Université de Technologie Troyes (France)

The overall idea of the alliance is to “Think Human First“ and the goal is to create networks, strenghten the exchange between these partner universities and create an international campus where European values are the norm and national borders are no longer important.

Classes at h_da

At h_da, we‘re very flexible about the classes you can take: 

  • Mix and match! Select classes from different departments. 
  • German language and culture for everybody! The Department of Social Sciences offers language classes and interdisciplinary classes about German culture and more general topics for students of all departments. 

English-taught classes:
The following study programs offer English-taught classes.

If you‘re looking for German-taught classes, see the infobox on the right-hand side (for mobile use: below).

The final course catalog will post online after you have been selected for a stay with us.

Department of Business

Department of Computer Science

Please note: The classes listed under “list of classes“ are offered. Under “course description“ some older classes that are no longer offered, are listed as well. 


Department of Mechanical and Plastics Engineering


Department of Media

•    Animation & Game, B.A. (general overview  & course descriptions
•    Animation & Game Direction, M.A. (general overview  & course descriptions )
•    Expanded Media, M.A. (general overview  & course descriptions )
•    Expanded Realities, B.A. (general overview  & course descriptions )
•    International Media Cultural Work, M.A. (general overview  & course descriptions
•    Media, Technology and Society, M.Sc. (general overview  & course descriptions
•    Motion Pictures, B.A. (general overview  & course descriptions

Please note: The course description documents are in German, but the actual course descriptions within the document are in English.   

Check out this video about h_da’s Media campus

Department of Social Sciences


Other classes (open to all exchange students)

•    Interdisciplinary classes on German culture and social issues  
•    Studying in Germany – and liking it (intensive class about German culture, taught in March and September; exchange students will receive details in due course, 2.5 credits) 


We‘ll be there for you!

We offer 

  • assistancewith your visa application and other administrative matters 
  • rooms in a student residence hall
  • a one-month  Welcome & Orientation Program for exchange students (for more details, see box on the right-hand side) 
  • abuddy program which puts you in contact with a local h_da student who will help you find your way through h_da
  • scholarship opportunities for students from certain regions (Brazil, Ghana, India, Indonesia,  Iran, Malaysia, Mexico, Namibia, Nepal, Paraguay, Russia, Vietnam, Ukraine)
  • an international campus – about 20% of h_da students are international students.
  • a public transport ticket which is included in your semester administrative fee (which is around 220€) and that‘s valid in most of the state of Hessen for the entire semester so you can explore other cities in the Rhine-Main regions as well – the world is your oyster! 


Marina Zielke &
Ronja Schneider

Office: C23, 02.10

Classes at h_da

Classes at h_da: Make sure you select the right semester. For English-taught classes, select “English“ as the “Language of instruction“. For German-taught classes, select “German“.

Our Welcome & Orientation Program for exchange students: 

  • Assistance with administrative matters 
  • Meeting other students and having  a great time! (welcome dinner, day trips, fun activities)
  • German language and culture (pre-semester German classes & intercultural awareness workshops)

Podcast with exchange students at h_da

You want to know what it is like to study at h_da for an exchange semester? Listen to our first Podcast episode on Spotify!