Documents to be submitted for Erasmus+ Internships

... before starting the internship abroad

... during the internship abroad

... after the internship abroad

  • Confirmation of Stay
  • Qualified work certificate from the host institution or Learning Agreement Section 3
  • Mandatory particpant report in the EU tool Beneficiary Module (automatic invitation by e-mail)
  • Participant Report for h_da & Privacy Policy in case you agree that we publish the report anonymously
  • For mandatory internships: Proof of recognized credits from abroad either by handing in this form or by my.hda pdf transcript (please mark the respective credits)

You took great photos during your stay abroad that awaken / could awaken wanderlust in your fellow students? We need just such photos for our website, social media channels, presentations and promotional materials. If you would like to support us in this, please send us your photos to in addition to the "Declaration of Right to the Image". We would be very grateful!

Additional conditions for graduate internships

Graduate internships are internships carried out by students who have just graduated.

  • The application for funding of the Erasmus+ graduate internship at the International Office of h_da must take place before exmatriculation. You may apply for a graduate internship even if you have not found an internship position yet. Accordingly, the following documents must be submitted to the International Office before exmatriculation:
  • After exmatriculation: please submit the deregistration certificate to the International Office of the h_da immediately (
  • The internship may only begin after exmatriculation. It must be started and completed within one year after exmatriculation.