Hessian State Programmes

Studying in the USA or Australia without paying tuition fees? The Hessian State Programmes makes it possible.

The state of Hesse maintains programmes for scientific exchange with Wisconsin (USA), Massachusetts (USA), and Queensland (Australia). Within the framework of these programmes you have the opportunity to spend a semester abroad. The application is open to students of all faculties and can be made through the h_da International Office.

Find out more about the application process, requirements and documents to be submitted on our website below and on the pages of the state programs. The requirements on both websites must be considered.

From April 2024 you can apply for the Hessian:Queensland programme for stays in spring term 2025 or fall term 2025/26. Application deadline: 12 May 2024. Selection interviews will be conducted between May 16 and May 22, 2024. 

  • Enrolled at h_da (degree-seeking)
  • At the time of departure you have already completed at least 3 semesters (Bachelor) or 2 semesters (Master)
  • Very good to good knowledge of English:
    •  USA: TOEFL at least 86 points or IELTS at least 6.5 points
    • Australia: DAAD language certificate with B2 or C1 (see website)
  • international students: B2 German language proof
  • Very good to good academic performance (at least 2,4)
  • Open personality and willingness to represent Hesse and the h_da as „ambassador“
  • Find out in detail about the goals and application requirements on the websites of the Hessian State Programmes. Find out exactly which partners are available for students of the h_da.
  • Large selection of partner universities
  • Tuition fee waiver
  • Support in the technical and organisational preparation
  • Academic recognition of study achievements after consultation with the faculty (before studying abroad)
  1. You can find out about the participating universities in the respective selection round, requirements and documents to be submitted on this website and on the website of the country programs. Seek advice from the International Office in good time. 
  2. Prepare all documents properly
    • s. information on the website of the Hessian State Programmes
    • add the following documents to your application: 
      • MoveON-Registration PDF
      • your latest average grade confirmed by your department
  3. Send the documents in due time by Email as 1 PDF file up to max. 5 MB with the name „Application_Last Name“ to overseas.int@h-da.de. You can apply from October (USA) and April (Australia). 
  4. If you are shortlisted, you will be invited for an interview within 2-3 weeks after the deadline. 
  • USA: 15.11 for a study start in winter semester 2025/26 or summer semester 2026
  • Australia: 12.05 for a study start in summer semester 2025 or winter semester 2025/26

Please note:

  • USA: Double applications for Wisconsin and Massachusetts are not possible
  • USA: for Amherst, only master's students can be accepted.
  • For the USA and also Australia you must show proof a certain financial amount for the visa application. Please inform yourself in time.
  • Outgoings are strongly recommended to register on the website of the Federal Foreign Office ("Elektronische Erfassung von Deutschen im Ausland (ELEFAND)") for any trips, and especially for trips to regions with a critical security situation.