Study Abroad Partner

The h_da maintains so-called "Study Abroad Agreements" with a small number of universities in the overseas region. This means that although you have to pay tuition fees (Study Abroad Fees), as a h_da student you will receive a discount of 10% respectively 1000-1400 AUD at UTS (depending on the amount of courses you register for).

Find out more about the possibility of counter-financing tuition fees with Auslands-BAföG or HAW.International.

The h_da has such an agreement with the following universities:

  • You are enrolled at h_da
  • You are at least in the 3rd semester (Bachelor) or 1st semester (Master)
  • grade average of at least 2,7
  • Sufficient knowledge of the language of instruction (at least CEFR B2)
  • Registering your stay in the MoveON-Portal
  • apply on time at the h_da International Office
  • Australia&NewZealand: 01.03. for stays in fall terms (semester 2)/ 01.10. for stays in spring terms (semester 1)
  • Canada: 31.03.for the upcoming academic year (exceptions may be possible)
  1. Please inform yourself on the internet and during our office hours about the possibilities of studying abroad and the costs involved.
  2. You register via MoveON and send the form by e-mail to
  3. You will receive all necessary information on the application process by e-mail. If you are interested in Vancouver Island University or the National University, we will forward your application to the International Student Office Darmstadt.
  4. You properly prepare the application documents for the host university and submit them on time.
  5. You will receive an acceptance letter from the host university, which may also be required for the visa application.
  6. After your return, you are required to submit an experience report to us within 4 weeks.

Please note

  • Inform yourself comprehensively about costs and financing possibilities. For visa for Australia and the USA, for example, financial proof is required.
  • If necessary, you can finance tuition fees with Auslands-BAföG. The office will reimburse up to 4600 EUR upon approval. Even if you do not receive domestic BAföG, you can still apply for international BAföG. The fees do not have to be refunded.
  • Outgoings are strongly advised to register on the website of the Federal Foreign Office ("Elektronische Erfassung von Deutschen im Ausland (ELEFAND)") for all trips, and especially for trips to regions with a critical security situation.