1. General Selection Criteria

The selection for participation in the Erasmus+ programme is made in your department of studies by the departmental coordinator of each h_da department. The following criteria may be decisive:

  • Professional requirements: To be able to participate in and successfully pass the desired courses abroad.
  • Your previous study and examination achievements
  • Personal suitability
  • Knowledge of the language in the host country or the language of instruction of the partner university

The selection criteria depend on your department, your degree programme and your desired host university. You can obtain detailed information on this from the departmental coordinators of your department.

The application for Erasmus+ funding for a semester abroad takes place in three phases. In this overview, we briefly present the application process with the respective steps.

2. Application process

1. Internal Hochsschule Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences (h_da) application deadlines

  • Gather information about the possibilities of your stay abroad
  • Coordinate your request with the International Office and departmental coordinator
  • Complete the online application. With Erasmus+, you apply for study place and financial support at the same time. A separate application for financial support is not necessary.
  • Submit the application and uploaded documents (Overview of Achievements, language certificates if applicable, preliminary list of courses you would like to take at the partner university - Self-created PDF file, no Learning Agreement required yet, selection still non-binding at this stage -  & Motivation Letter) as a PDF file to the International Office.
  • 31 January for a semester abroad during the winter semester
  • 15 July for a semester abroad during the spring semester

Please note: Some departments have different deadlines:

  • FB G: 10 January for a semester abroad during the following academic year
  • After the application deadline and, if applicable, a selection procedure at the department (if there are more applications than places available): Internal nomination by the international representatives to the International Office.
  • All selected applicants will receive a confirmation e-mail from the International Office with next steps
  • The International Office nominates students to the respective partner universities in spring (for semesters abroad in the winter semester) or autumn (for semesters abroad in the summer semester) and informs students about the nomination.
  • Students coordinate their course selection for the semester abroad with the international representatives and clarify the credit with them and/or the examination committee chairs for the Online Learning Agreement
  • Submit further documents to the International Office
    • Fully signed (Online) Learning Agreement
    • Current matriculation certificate
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2. Applying at the Host University

  • Before you can apply to the host university, you must be nominated by us, otherwise your application cannot be accepted there. We will inform you as soon as you have been nominated for your partner university.

The nomination periods at the partner universities are:

  • Semester abroad in the winter semester: March to May
  • Semester abroad in the summer semester: September to December
  • After nomination, you can apply directly to the host university. Please note the individual application deadlines and required application documents, which vary from university to university. In most cases, you will also receive an e-mail from the partner university with information on the application process shortly after our nomination. On the respective Erasmus+ websites of the partner universities, you can usually find an overview of the documents you have to submit ahead of time.
  • After your application, it usually takes a few weeks until you receive a final acceptance letter from the partner university. The International Offices are very busy at this time, so delays may occur.

3. Extension for Another Semester Abroad

An extension of an already running semester abroad is only possible from the winter semester to the following summer semester. Both semesters abroad must therefore take place in the same academic year. An extension must be applied for at least one month before the planned end of the current semester abroad.


Extension of your semester abroad for an Internship

If you would like to seamlessly follow your semester abroad with an internship abroad, you can apply for this kind of extension at the International Office of the h_da at any time.  The application deadline is one month before the start of the internship. However, the internship may only begin after the end of the semester abroad - the two mobility phases are not allowed to overlap. Please note the information on preparation, application steps and funding opportunities.


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