GoEast Program (DAAD)

Within the initiative "GoEast" the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) wants to inspire more students from Germany to study and research in the countries of Central, Southeastern and Eastern Europe. The DAAD provides partial scholarships to German students from BMBF funds who wish to participate in summer and winter schools. At best, these short stays, as a first contact with the country, culture and people, should not only arouse interest in an exciting region, but also be the starting point for future academic and professional careers. 

As part of many programmes, language courses and regional studies are offered in addition to specialized courses. 

The applicant portal for GoEast Summer Schools 2021 will be open from 01.03.2021. It is possible to apply for up to 3 summer schools. 

2-3 weeks in July/August/September

Who can apply? 
German students of all disciplines (bachelor, master, diploma). Under certain conditions, students with foreign citizenship can also apply. 

GoEast scholarship with travel allowance, course fee allowance, accommodation allowance

Application deadline? 
The application deadline can be found on the website of the individual summer school. The annual call for applications for the summer schools usually takes place at the end of February/beginning of March. In the Go East programme, two to three winter schools are also advertised each year. The call for applications is published starting in the fall.

Important note
A timely application to the respective university is required AND a timely application to the DAAD for the GoEast scholarship.

Detailed information can be found on the DAAD website.